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We Can't Wait To Meet You!

I Dig My Dog's open camp environment is a safe alternative to the traditional kennel. Prior to enrolling, every dog is evaluated for temperament to ensure a secure and comfortable setting for our guests. There is no charge for the evaluation.


Evaluations are by appointment only, call or come visit us to book your evaluation appointment. After your evaluation is complete, you're welcome to use any of our services!



1. Compile all necessary vaccination information. (For the safety of all of our guests, this is required before the evaluation!)

  • Bordetella or Kennel Cough Vaccine - Required every 6 months (must be current for evaluation). We recommend the Intranasal form of Bordatella, but you may have oral or injectable.

  • Rabies Vaccine - Required every 1 or 3 years

  • Required every 1-3 years: DHPP, DA2PP (Distemper, Hepatitis, Parainfluenza, Parvovirus), DHLPP (this includes Leptospirosis)

  • Canine Influenza - annually

  • Leptospirosis - as a single shot, if not included in your DHPP combo

  • Please inquire about our Titer Policy 


2. Fetch forms here:

Print forms, fill them out, and bring them along with your vaccination records to your appointment. During the 30 minute consultation, we will discuss your dog's overall temperament , health, habits, and life experience. Where applicable, we will test them in a social setting with other dogs. The registration process is not complete without proof of current vaccinations. 

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