Training and Behavior

Our training philosophy is about establishing good leadership and clear communication through positive training methods. No choke chains, no e-collars! We focus on what your dog can do, not what we want them to stop doing!

We offer personal training designed to suit your specific needs. Our professional trainers can educate you and your dog on everything from puppy manners to aggression issues. To address behavior issues, please see our section on behavior modification. 



Our small class setting of six dogs maximum/class is an option for clients seeking basic obedience for their dogs. While we address specific needs of the students, the class curriculum covers the following commands: "Come", "Sit", "Down", "Off", 

"Leave It", "Place", "Stay", Impulse Control, and Walking Etiquette.



Puppy Social is designed to guide and teach you how to socialize your puppy with other dogs and strangers.  It will also help your puppy get acclimated to new environments and experiences as a way to build their confidence.  Each class is $30.  For more information, contact Jaime Rosier at


For more information about swim lessons, including at-home lessons, contact Jaime Rosier at



We offer personalized training for your special needs K9; deaf, blind, physically impaired - our trainers can educate you on how best to connect with and train your dog. Every training lesson is tailored to you and your dog's specific needs.


For those clients with schedule constraints who would prefer a more consistent and intensive training course, consider our boarding and on-site training program. One of our experienced trainers will work with your dog individually to address basic obedience or specific behavior issues. During the training process, our trainers work with your dog daily and update you on his progress. After boarding, we keep appointments with you to review and to ensure that the training your dog has received will be smoothly implemented at home. Please contact us for extended boarding and training rates. 

If you're interested in Basic Obedience Classes, Board and Train, or Special Needs Training, please email Lundy at

$100... per hour for on site training
$120... per hour for in home training (within an 8 mile radius)

$150... for Initial Consultation on site (takes 90 minutes)

$180... for Initial Consultation in home (takes 90 minutes) 

$210... 6 week group course (classes are 60 minutes each)

$150... starting rate for board and train

$90... per hour for first swim lesson and evaluation (on site)

$50... per 30 mins for follow-up swim lessons (on site)





Dog Training Behavior Modification
Dog Training Behavior Modification
Dog Training Behavior Modification

Come , Sit, Stay