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Do you know what is in your dog's food?

Be a loving and responsible pet owner by carefully examining the ingredients in your favorite dog food. It's easy to do, but don't skip over words and/or phrases you don't recognize. For example, by-products include any part of the animal including slaughterhouse discards. And while healthful for humans, products like corn, wheat, or soy have little or no nutritional value for your dog. 

Does your pet have an allergy, skin irritation, poor coat, etc? Inferior food is frequently the root cause. Optimize the nutritional content of what they eat by purchasing foods that place wholesome meats and vegetables at the top of the ingredients list. 

We carry only the best quality in nutrition and supplies for your dog.

*Nature’s Variety Instinct Dry/Frozen Raw

*Taste of The Wild
*Merrick Canned Food

*Stella & Chewy's Frozen/Freeze-dried 

*Stella & Chewy's Raw Coated Dry/Raw Blend Dry

* Primal Frozen Marrow Bones
* Best of Bully Sticks
* Zuke's
* Real Meat Company
* Old Mother Hubbard 
* Plato Treats
* Tuckers Free Range Chicken Breasts Treats

* Earth-Animal No Hyde Rawhide

* Stella and Chewy's Carnivore Crunch


* K-9 Liquid Health Joint Supplements

* K-9 Liquid Health Ear Cleaner

* K-9 Liquid Health Fidonutrients

* Ruff Wear
* Tufflock Collars and Leashes 
* Sensation Harnesses

* Earth Rated Poop Bags/Poop Bag Holder

* Doggone Good Treat Pouch

* Mutt Mats

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Dog Collars at  I Dig My Dog
Dog Collars at  I Dig My Dog
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