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Agility Training

AGILITY is the fastest growing dog sport, where dogs learn to navigate obstacles such as jumps, tunnels, teeters and weave poles. Whether you are looking to compete, or just have fun with your pup, agility is the thing for you. It greatly improves the bond and connection with your dog, and helps your dog become more focused and well-behaved outside of the agility ring!


All dogs, whatever shape or size, can participate in agility. Even as they are learning to follow their handlers around the course and over obstacles, they are just having fun playing with their humans. Agility is a great way to both mentally and physically satisfy the needs of high-energy dogs. It also is an amazing confidence builder in shy dogs. But beware, agility is highly-addictive!



We offer classes at I Dig My Dog for both beginners with no agility experience, all the way through master-level handlers. You are not required to compete when joining our classes. Our trainers keep the classes fun and engaging, while getting you ready to succeed at agility trials.


  • Dogs must be non-aggressive.

  • Dogs must have a sit/stay, and a reliable recall for Beginners classes and onward.

  • If your dog doesn’t meet these requirements, they can complete our 6 week Obedience Class beforehand.



This introduction course will help familiarize you and your pet with the obstacles of the agility field. They will learn balance and body awareness as well as develop focus and learn to pay attention to your cues. We teach your dog to move through the agility course with more coordination while preventing injuries.



This class emphasizes handling and obstacle focus. We begin with a lot of handling ‘on the flat’ (no obstacles) and concentrate on teaching the handler/dog team how to understand each other. We continue introducing more obstacles, while perfecting obstacle focus and independence. We introduce front and rear crosses and start working on longer courses. By the end of these 6 weeks our students can navigate a small course.  


We continue improving on the dog’s and handler’s accuracy and course work. We tackle specific handling problems, while improving handling and introducing new techniques. Our goal is to get you ready for competition. To enter this level as a new student, you will have to schedule an evaluation with a trainer.


For students who already compete in agility trials.


Private lessons are available. It gives the handler/dog team the chance to tackle specific problems outside of a class setting. Or it can take the place of a group class entirely.



Advanced          6pm - 7pm

Advanced          7pm - 8pm

Advanced         8pm - 9pm


Foundations        6pm - 7pm

 For Thursday classes contact


$240... 6 week group course (classes are 60 minutes each)

$60... per 30 minute private session

Agility at I Dig My Dog
Agility Training at I Dig My Dog
Agility Field Course at I Dig My Dog
I Dig My Dog
Dog Agility
Dog Agility

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