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While muddy paws and a wet coat are often evidence of a happy and adventurous dog, we want you to enjoy a clean dog at home. We use only the best all-natural products. Each bath includes a gentle hypoallergenic oatmeal shampoo and conditioning oatmeal cream rinse, followed by a mink oil and cologne spritz that leaves a soft, shiny coat. We also clean ears and eyes, trim nails, express anal glands if needed, and finish with a thorough brush, fluff and dry. 
Appointments and current vaccination records are required. Please see the section under New Guests for our vaccination requirements. 


$45... small dog bath

$55... large dog bath
$20+... add a flea bath/*haircut 

*price depends on size and coat

$20.. nail trim
$15... teeth brushing
$20... anal gland expression

$15+... add a paw trim/sani trim

Dog Grooming Bathing I Dig My Dog
Dog Spa I Dig My Dog
Dog Grooming  I Dig My Dog
Canine Hairdresser  I Dig My Dog
Dog Grooming  I Dig My Dog
Dog Grooming Tools  I Dig My Dog
Dog Bath  I Dig My Dog

Squeaky Clean

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