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"I Dig My Dog is a relationship saver. Mandy was one paw out the door. Now she's a well behaved, happy, tired doggy. She stands by the car every morning waiting to see her friends. She even stays overnight just for the fun of a doggy slumber party. Thanks for providing us a place where I'm confident she's well taken care of."

-Julie with "Mandy" the Boston Terrier

Caring people, great facility. We have been bringing our dog here since moving to Pasadena in 2007. He didn't seem to enjoy boarding before coming here.

He jumps out of the car and runs into the building like a happy kid going to a sleepover at a friend's house. I highly recommend taking your dog here for everything you need.

-Gary with "Breyde" the Puggle

I have been taking my 10 pound terrier mix, Chelsea, here since November for agility training. She started with Lisa, who teaches the Intro to Agility class in which dogs get used to various agility equipment. Chelsea is a nervous dog, but Lisa was very patient and kind and encouraging, and I saw that Chelsea enjoyed learning to jump and try new things. I appreciated Lisa's acceptance of her. After 6 weeks, Chelsea graduated, along with her classmates, and we began the next series of class, Beginning Agility, with Nikki. Serious agility training began and Chelsea continued to become more confident. In this class, we learned about handling our dogs. Not only do I see increased confidence in Chelsea, our bond has strengthen greatly and we are much more in tune with each other. Nikki is a fabulous trainer and teacher. She always knows how to deal with different situations that arise, she able to communicate very well with the owners and the dogs. I highly recommend I Dig My Dog Agility classes. Not only does your dog learn to attend carefully to you, but if you have a fearful dog like mine, you see a transformation into a much more confident animal. We are now into our 2nd series of agility classes and both Chelsea and I love going to class. I highly recommend the Agility classes at I Dig My Dog. Lisa starts the dogs off right and Nikki does an excellent job in training the art of agility. I don't know if we will ever get to agility trials but learning agility sure is fun. Try it and not only will you see  how much fun it is, you'll also discover how productive it is for both human and dog!

-Christi with "Chelsea" the Poodle Mix

I Dig My Dog is terrific for taking care of my golden Buddy for my day care needs. They are excellent at evaluating dogs and the appropriate level of group they should be in, ie, large dogs vs. small.  And the overall care is attentive and appropriate.  

A perfect example of how good they are:  yesterday I took my dog to a local groomer after "thinking" I had dropped him off at IDMD.  After calling in and freaking out because they had no record of him I finally realized in my rush I had called the wrong place.  Thank you I Dig My Dog (and special thanks to Kendra!) for being kind and patient with my dog AND with his confused owner.

-Jim Miller with "Buddy" the Golden Retriever

How many doggy day cares have a pool? I don't know any other ones. For me, this was the huge initial selling point. I have a Golden Retriever that is OBSESSED with swimming. Each day he gets to swim, which means I don't have to exercise him after my long day at work if I don't have time. You know what they say, "a tired dog is a good dog".

Beyond the pool though, the staff here are great. They know all the dogs by name and really keep a close eye on your dog to make sure he is safe. How do I know this? 

A quick story - a week or so ago, I took my dog on an extremely grueling 10 mile long hike. He had torn a little bit of his pads as a result, but he still walks ok. Most people would not notice. When I picked him up from his first day back at daycare, the staff pointed out to me that during their "regular inspection", they had noticed his pads were torn and proceeded to treat it with Neosporin then kept him indoors most of the day. Wait, did I hear that right? They do regular inspections after play??? Wow. I'm very impressed they noticed.

Needless to say, I really appreciate the attention to detail here. The prices are comparable to other daycare places. But man, give me a place with a pool and full of people who love my dog, I'm sold.

-Bonny with "Ferris" the Golden Retriever

I love I Dig My Dog. More importantly, so does my dog. Lundy is one of those gifted trainers that dogs "know and respond to" immediately.  My Golden sees her and immediately starts behaving.  I find the staff incredibly friendly.  The job is demanding and requires multi-tasking and vigilance.  My sense is that the staff are chosen carefully and are trained well.  What a relief to have this place available for my very social and active dog!

-Cynthia with "Cooper" the Golden Retriever

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