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Meet Our Trainers


Nikki started dog training in 2007, when she joined the I Dig My Dog crew. One year later she started taking agility classes with her Pembroke Welsh Corgi Billy. She got hooked and has been training and competing ever since.

The dog sport of agility is ever changing and evolving. Nikki still takes classes and attends seminars on a regular basis. With harder, European style courses becoming trendy, Nikki has taken it upon herself to learn and teach the methods that help the dog/handler team navigate these more difficult courses.  

As an agility trainer, Nikki focuses on building the relationship between the dog and its handler. She believes in positive, individualized agility training tailored to the team's abilities. She exclusively uses operant training/clicker training in all her training and teaching.

But above all, she believes agility should be fun for both the handler and the dog. 

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